KM93 KM93 The New Orleans Sr.

The New Orleans is an elegant, 16 flute pole with a 20’ diameter base, originally unique to the city of New Orleans, Louisiana. Commissioned as a 10' cast iron pole by the city in 1916, it was widely used throughout the city, eventually being upgraded to a taller pole.

Shaft Styles and Material:
  • Fluted (16) Extruded, Non-Tapered (FE) - aluminum
  • Fluted (16) Formed, Tapered (FF) - aluminum
  • Compatibility with controls, antennas and other Smart City technology
  • Decorative luminaires and arms available
  • KingCoat™ finishing offering superior outdoor exposure qualities and outstanding corrosion and barrier protection
Pole Height:
  • 10-17' (FE)
  • 10-25' (FF)