Concealed Level II EVSE Pole The VoltLock EV Charger Pole

The VoltLock Concealed Level II EVSE Pole was designed with the needs of the city in mind. The cavities within the base of the pole for concealing electric vehicle supply equipment provide a tamperproof solution with a clean aesthetic by containing the cable and connector of the charging stations typically in use within the sleek lines of the concrete pole.

Features & Benefits:

Tamperproof Access

  • Controlled access to EV charging equipment

Flexible EVSE

  • Compatible with various EVSE suppliers
  • Able to use preferred vendor

Aesthetically Pleasing

  • Clean aesthetic
  • Blends into streetscape

Concealed Equipment

  • Vulnerable components protected from elements
  • Main charging equipment access separated from user access to connector & cable reel

Convenient Storage

  • Charging cable housed on retractable reel to ensure convenient, consistent, and secure storage to reduce damage caused by user error