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SCGPT Labs is NVLAP Accredited

Mar 13, 2017 |   by
SCGPT Labs is NVLAP Accredited

King Luminaire Co. Inc. in Jefferson, Ohio is proud to announce that SCGPT Labs, has received its NVLAP Certificate of Accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 with the scope of Energy Efficient Lighting Products; Lab Code 600119-0, testing.
"The accreditation process took almost 18 months and involved the development of dozens of specialized written procedures and policies," said Mike Pearse, Engineering Manager of King Luminaire Co. Inc., "Obtaining this accreditation has greatly contributed to our understanding of Quality Management and enables King Luminaire to continue to provide Gold Standard products and services for our customers."
The National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP) accredits testing and calibration laboratories found competent to perform specific tests or calibrations, or types of tests or calibrations.1  NVLAP accreditation is based on evaluation of a laboratory’s management and technical qualifications and competence for conducting specific test methods, measurements, and services in specified fields of testing or calibration.1  Accreditation is granted only after thorough evaluation of an applicant has demonstrated that all NVLAP requirements have been fulfilled, and is acknowledged by the issuance of a Certificate of Accreditation and a Scope of Accreditation, which details the specific test methods, measurements and services for which a laboratory has been accredited.1
SCGPT Labs, has received its NVLAP Certificate of Accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 with the scope of Energy Efficient Lighting Products which includes test reports for Luminaires (LM-31); SSL Color Measurements including LM-79 and Chromaticity; SSL Electrical Measurements; SSL Photometric Measurements; and SSL Temperature Measurement.  This accreditation increases King Luminaire’s scope of products and services, and escalates its ability provide quality products to its customer base.
SCGPT Labs, is a division of King Luminaire Co. Inc. which is one of six operating companies of StressCrete Group.  StressCrete Ltd. was established in 1953 and is the oldest, most experienced manufacturer of spun concrete poles in North America. StressCrete Group has five North American locations, producing an extensive line of ornamental and street lighting standards, power distribution and transmission poles, sports lighting poles, as well as a line of specialty poles which are ideally suited for camera and solar applications as well high-mast lighting.
1 NIST Handbook 150, 2006 Edition, National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program, Procedures and General Requirements