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StressCrete Group Announces Senior Company Leadership Team

Nov 11, 2022 |   by
StressCrete Group Announces Senior Company Leadership Team

Burlington, ON: StressCrete Group, manufacturers of spun concrete poles and light fixtures operating across North America, announced the appointment of a Senior Executive Leadership Team. Michael Schwenger Jr., Chief Executive Officer, is pleased to announce the appointment of Don Forbes to President and Luke van Vliet as Chief Growth Officer. Don and Luke will both report to Michael Jr., and together form the Senior Executive Leadership Team to guide StressCrete Group into the next phase of the company.

“It is an exciting time at StressCrete Group,” said Michael Schwenger Jr., “we have been through a challenging time, but have come out stronger than ever. As we formalize our senior leadership, I am excited about the opportunity the future holds. In 2023, we celebrate our 70th anniversary which is a huge milestone. It is amazing to see how far we have come and the many people who have supported us over this time. As the largest independently owned outdoor lighting company in North America, there is so much opportunity for us and a strong foundation to build on.”

Don Forbes has been with StressCrete Group since 2015 when he joined the group as Chief Financial Officer and oversaw the finance team. In 2019, Don was appointed to Chief Operating Officer and added Engineering, Customer Experience, and Human Resources to his responsibilities. With this announcement, Don will also take over the leadership of internal operations across StressCrete Group with a focus on the Group’s internal functions.

Luke van Vliet has been with StressCrete Group since 2011 and has held multiple market facing positions with a focus on growth. In 2016, Luke was appointed to Vice President of Sales & Marketing. In 2020, Luke was appointed to Chief Growth Officer and assumed Research and Development as an additional functional area. With this announcement, Luke continues his focus on external affairs and leads the development of new markets, products, and ventures to support the future growth of the Group.

About StressCrete Group: With manufacturing facilities in five North American locations, StressCrete Group produces an extensive line of high-performance LED decorative outdoor lighting fixtures, decorative spun concrete and metal poles, plus pole arms, accessories, bollards and site amenities. We manufacture a vast range of products for many industries including municipalities, power distribution and transmission, electrical and communications, and sports lighting. We are a family business that operates by the core values of honesty, integrity, compassion and respect to better the lives of our employees, their families, our customers and the communities we represent.