KCK445 KCK445 Sol-Lux Conversion Kit

The number of market-ready LED products grows daily. Some perform very well but the quality and energy efficiency vary widely. It is important to ensure you choose an LED system that meets industry standards. King Luminaire is committed to continue the tradition of producing high performance, quality light systems that was started over 60 years ago. 


  • Easy installation of a complete, fully tested system to convert HID to high efficiency LED which reduces energy consumption 50-70%, reduces maintenance plus lowers energy and maintenance costs
  • Tri-Thermal Management which reduces heat via convection, radiation and conduction for a long operational life
  • High efficacy with absolute photometry and accurate lighting layouts to achieve desired lighting performance 
  • T1 advanced LED optical system offering exceptional light quality, long usable life and energy efficiency
  • Complete system that includes a new globe, LED light engine and driver assembly
  • Certified to UL standards, UL wet listed and comes with a 7 year warranty