K56 K56 Cleveland/Tudor (Pendant)

One of the most versatile of all ornamental luminaires available in the first half of the 20th century, the K56 Cleveland/Tudor offers the beauty of yesteryear with the superior lighting performance standards of today. Select from the Cleveland Style without spurs, or the Tudor Style with spurs. Add to the continuity of your space with a matching post top to light pathways and roadways alike.

  • P4 advanced LED optical systems offering exceptional light quality, long usable life and energy efficiency
  • Decorative design options including spurs, plumbizers, plus decorative arms and poles available
  • Choice of acrylic or polycarbonate lens (rippled or clear) or no lens
  • Compatibility with controls, antennas and other Smart City technology
  • Dark Sky Friendly options available which may be IDA Dark Sky Approved
  • Hinged top for tool-free access and easy maintenance
  • KingCoat™ finishing offering superior outdoor exposure qualities and outstanding corrosion and barrier protection
  • Available in post top and pendant styles for coordination of roadways and pathways alike