K581 K581 Cobra Strut

The smallest of the Skyline series, the compact K581 Cobra Strut is sure to impress with its sleek convex design. Shown with the contour spinning option, it is a great choice for parking lots and pathways.

  • P4 advanced LED optical system offering exceptional light quality, long usable life and energy efficiency
  • A completely modular system with choice of Harbour, Trump, Pyramid, Contour or no spinning to engineer a unique luminaire that caters to each project's specifications
  • The Cobra, Pillar, Curve, Treble and Radius Struts range in style and size and are available in two, three, and four strut designs
  • Compatibility with controls, antennas and other Smart City technology
  • Dark Sky Friendly options available which may be IDA Dark Sky Approved
  • KingCoat™ finishing offering superior outdoor exposure qualities and outstanding corrosion and barrier protection