K585 K585 Radius Strut

The elongated struts of the K585 Radius Strut provide a modern simplicity. Can be combined with any of the four spinnings or strut options. A perfect fit for any of the King Luminaire metal poles or StressCrete spun concrete poles. 


  • P4 advanced LED optical system offering exceptional light quality, long usable life and energy efficiency
  • A completely modular system with choice of Harbour, Trump, Pyramid, Contour or no spinning to engineer a unique luminaire that caters to each project's specifications
  • The Cobra, Pillar, Curve, Treble and Radius Struts range in style and size and are available in two, three, and four strut designs
  • Compatibility with controls, antennas and other Smart City technology
  • Dark Sky Friendly options available which may be IDA Dark Sky Approved
  • KingCoat™ finishing offering superior outdoor exposure qualities and outstanding corrosion and barrier protection