Sports Lighting Poles

Spun concrete poles are the ideal choice for your next sports field project, offering many features and benefits. Both an attractive and versatile option, they outperform other materials in the marketplace.


  • Available in heights up to 118 ft. (overall)
  • Maintenance free plus resistant to corrosion and ground rot
  • Attractive appearance with elegant and slender lines
  • Strength and durability provide a long service life
  • Environmentally friendly: manufactured with natural materials
  • Versatility: variety of heights and strengths
  • The mass of concrete pole minimizes vibration, resulting in longer lamp and ballast life
  • Stiffness of spun concrete produces minimum deflection/movement
  • One piece that is easy to plumb
  • In most cases, can be direct buried for faster more cost effective installation
  • Wide variety of accessories: cross arms, safety platforms, climbing steps etc.