Spartan SL About Brand Story

Spartan Sports Lighting Brand Story

The Spartans of Ancient Greece represent the ideals of teamwork, respect, and integrity shared by sports teams, military organizations, and StressCrete Group.

The Spartan mythos serves as an analogy for everything that Spartan Sports Lighting aims to be. The name Spartan, which means simple, embodies the primary goal of Spartan Sports Lighting – to provide a simple system for all sports lighting projects. The similarities between elite sports teams and military units are well known, which is why so many sports teams use warrior-type mascots. That same thought process applied when making the decision to use the Spartan warrior as the identity for our sports lighting brand.

Spartan Sports Lighting Logo Brandmark and Logotype

The Logo

At the core of the Spartan Sports Lighting brand identity is the logo. The Spartan Sports Lighting logo is comprised of two main elements – the Brandmark and the Logotype. While designed to be used as one logo, the Brandmark may be used on its own when appropriate. The decision should be dictated by the application, with consideration to what other group branding is being used, the space limitations, and the final use of the piece.


Spartan Warrior Icon

The Brandmark is the Spartan warrior icon. It is a symbol that represents the four components of the Spartan Sports Lighting assembly, while evoking the feeling of a sports team.

The Spartan Helmet is positioned with a downward tilt to evoke the feeling of a soldier charging into battle or an athlete attacking the line of scrimmage. It is also representative of the Spartan STRATOS Sports Light shining down from above to light the field. The helmet has been stylized to incorporate an “S” shape to reinforce the Spartan Sports Lighting brand when the Brandmark is used on its own.

The Spartan Shield was a key component of the equipment carried by Spartan warriors. Providing protection and ensuring long life, the shield is representative of the prestressed spun concrete pole by StressCrete that securely holds up the Spartan Sports Lighting assembly. Backed by a lifetime warranty, the prestressed spun concrete pole ensures a long life for the Spartan Sports Lighting assembly.

The Spartan Spear is positioned parallel to the ground to evoke feelings of strength and stability. It is these qualities that are representative of the Spartan Cross Arm that positions our light to shine down on the battlefield for our athletes.

The Spartan Field is the circular background and outline for the warrior icon. The field provides a solid background for the other icon elements while simultaneously holding the icon together to present a complete and unified visual identity. It utilizes both primary brand colors. The field represents the Spartan control system that ties together the assembly and completes it into a fully operational lighting system.


The Logotype

The logotype includes both “Spartan” and “Sports Lighting” in the same font as the other StressCrete Group company logos. The use of the same font helps to align the company within the group. The logotype is not to be used on its own without approval from Spartan Sports Lighting.



Spartan Crimson
The primary color for Spartan Sports Lighting is crimson red in homage to the Ancient Spartans who wore red into battle. Red is a powerful, dynamic, energizing color that portrays strength. Spartan Crimson gives strength and energy to the brand.

Gold Medal
The secondary color for Spartan Sports Lighting is gold. The gold color comes from the King Luminaire and KingCast brand colors to increase the ties between Spartan Sports Lighting and the rest of StressCrete Group. Gold Medals are synonymous with excellence and reflect the quality that Spartan Sports Lighting products are built to, as well as representing the Gold Standards of service provided across all the companies of StressCrete Group.

Twilight Grey
The tertiary color for Spartan Sports Lighting is grey. Twilight Grey alludes to the coming night – when Spartan Sports Lighting springs into action. Without the dark, the light cannot shine. Therefore, we celebrate the night as the catalyst for superior lighting design.



Ancient Spartans decorated their shields with Lambda, the Greek capital letter “L” as a symbol for Lacedaemon, the ancient Hellenic word for the Spartan City-State. The Lambda on the shield is illustrative of the light shining down on the field. The lowercase lambda is also relevant as it is used as a symbol for wavelength.

The Greek word for Army, STRATOS continues with the Spartan mythos. Used for the line of sports lights from Spartan Sports Lighting, the imagery of the army illustrates how the lights work as a group to achieve the objective. As a sub-brand for the line of sports lights, STRATOS has the flexibility to accommodate the current line-up of lights while leaving room for additional models to be released in the future. Stylized in all caps, STRATOS creates a uniform height wordmark that illustrates the uniform light levels produced by the STRATOS lights.