Round Non-Tapered (Aluminum) Small Cell

The Round Non-Tapered Aluminum small cell pole is an innovative metal light pole solution that seamlessly blends into an existing streetscape while acting as a foundation for small cell technology. This pole has been designed in a way that makes it a standardized pole product useful for wireless network operators, tower companies, as well as utilities and municipalities.

With a 10 inch, non-tapered diameter, the Round Non-Tapered Aluminum small cell pole has the strength, size and capability of holding small cell equipment with multiple antennas.

Along with the multi-node capabilities of the Round Non-Tapered Aluminum small cell pole, the inner raceway of the pole has 2 separate U-channels that are designed to create separate sections of the pole for power access for the utility’s street light fixtures. With the 2 separate U-channels, this means that it has the ability to hold up to 2 streetlight arms and fixtures.

The Round Non-Tapered Aluminum small cell pole has been designed to aesthetically blend into any city streetscape while holding a variety of sizes and manufacturers of telecom equipment. This makes it the ideal solution for mass-standardizaion and deployment of small cell light poles.


  • Ability to hold multiple antennas on a single pole
  • Capable of holding multiple luminaire arms
  • Easy solution for mass-standardized deployment