Communication Towers

In locations where space is restricted and/or esthetics are important, spun concrete towers are the answer. They require less space than conventional guyed towers and are one of the most economical self supporting structures available. Their pleasing color and symmetrical lines lend themselves to the natural surroundings.
Engineered to meet individual requirements, spun concrete towers can be designed to carry most antenna arrays as well as almost any accessory from service platforms to climbing steps or ladders. By utilizing the tower's internal raceway, unsightly cables and wires can be hidden within the pole. Combining all this with the other inherent properties of spun concrete, spun concrete towers are the ideal tower.

Advantages of StressCrete Spun Concrete:

  • Centrifugally cast reinforced concrete pole combines elegance with durability plus high-density and high-strength concrete
  • Spun concrete produces a hollow raceway within the pole providing a smooth conduit for electrical cables and embedment capabilities which are ideal for Smart City deployment projects
  • Poles meet ASTM and CSA standards, as well as our own more demanding specifications
  • Long service life, lifetime warranty and easy to maintain solution to provide a cost effective solution
  • Each pole is produced to customer's exact specifications including choice of finishing