High Mast Lighting Poles

Spun concrete high mast lighting poles fill the need for better outdoor lighting created by the ever growing requirements of continuous operation of production facilities and security systems. By putting more luminaires up higher, fewer poles are needed, while still providing uniform illumination. Combining this with the advantages of spun concrete direct burial installation savings, long life and zero maintenance makes concrete poles the ideal choice.
Each pole is engineered to meet individual structural and customer requirements, and are available for use with a self lowering device, fixed head starburst arms or safety platforms.

Advantages of StressCrete Spun Concrete:

  • Centrifugally cast reinforced concrete pole combines elegance with durability plus high-density and high-strength concrete
  • Spun concrete produces a hollow raceway within the pole providing a smooth conduit for electrical cables and embedment capabilities which are ideal for Smart City deployment projects
  • Poles meet ASTM and CSA standards, as well as our own more demanding specifications
  • Long service life, lifetime warranty and easy to maintain solution to provide a cost effective solution
  • Each pole is produced to customer's exact specifications including choice of finishing