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Purpose, Vision, & Values

A family business focused on creating opportunities for our employees and improving the communities we serve.

Building the foundation of enhanced, more livable cities.

Civility: We treat each other with dignity and respect in all our interactions.
Compassion: We take care of each other and our communities by giving our time and resources.
Customer Experience: We provide a seamless and industry-leading experience to our customers.
Diversity: We respect and value everyone for their differences.
Innovation: We invest in our people, processes, and products and embrace technological change.
Integrity: We enact our vision and purpose ethically, always doing the right thing.
Legacy: We base decisions on the best interest of our people and the business.
Loyalty: We recognize and appreciate employees that embody our values.
Quality: We meet or exceed the industry standard of quality and performance with our products.
Safety: We commit to prioritizing safety to ensure our people go home healthy every day.
Sustainability: We manufacture quality, sustainable products that limit our environmental impact.
Trust: We communicate, work together, and support team members.