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Why Spun Concrete Poles

Spun concrete poles are designed to provide reliable strength, unsurpassed durability and a long service life. Poles are manufactured with prestressed 7-wire strands, deformed reinforcing bars, galvanized helical reinforcing wire and high-strength concrete. During manufacturing, the pole undergoes a centrifugal spinning process that results in high-density concrete and a hollow raceway inside the pole thereby reducing weight and providing a smooth conduit for electrical and communication cables. Each pole is made to order; customized by length, strength and customer specifications including all mounting holes, apertures, grounding etc.


  • No loss of strength over time
  • Guaranteed minimum strength; available in many classes
  • Reliable – Consistently the same strength
  • Maintenance free
  • Minimal vibration, deflection and distortion including twisting
  • Resilient to the environment – extreme weather events, fire, ice storms, rot, woodpeckers and insects
Engineered to Specifications
  • Designed to meet your exact load requirements
  • Exact placement of items such as through holes and threaded inserts
  • Designed to include accessories such as cable entrance covers and pole steps as applicable
  • Clean, crisp concrete; color concrete available
  • More uniformity with street application
  • Easy access to interior with hand-holes and wiring access openings

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