About Us

StressCrete Ltd., a division of StressCrete Group, was established in 1953 and is the longest-operating, most experienced manufacturer of centrifugally cast prestressed reinforced concrete poles in North America. With plants in Alabama, Kansas and Ontario, we provide a vast range of spun concrete poles to the distribution, transmission and substation market segments.

We are a family business that operates by the core values of honesty, integrity, compassion and respect to better the lives of our employees, their families, our customers and the communities we represent.

Our innovative driven culture continuously develops new and better products and processes to satisfy the needs of our customers. Furthermore, we provide every customer with the highest quality innovative products and work as a team to create and maintain life-long customers through world class service.

Company History

StressCrete Ltd., a utility pole manufacturer, is founded. The company manufactures static cast tapered square poles that are considered upgrades from standard wood.


StressCrete Ltd. invests in spinning technology which enables production of round cross section poles and vastly improves the strength and durability of the product.


StressCrete Inc.’s concrete pole manufacturing facility in Northport, Alabama begins operations.


StressCrete Inc.’s concrete pole manufacturing facility in Atchison, Kansas begins operations.


The StressCrete Group celebrates its 60th anniversary.

Experience Gold Standard Service

As a customer service centered organization, we put our customers first in everything we do.  Our mission is to be the easiest manufacturer to partner with; we live and breathe our gold standards to ensure that we not only meet customer expectations, but exceed them. We work as a team to create and maintain life-long customers.

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